Monday, July 2, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

So it has been awhile since I last posted.  This is not an apology, I promised myself I wouldn't let this be that kind of blog (I already have one of those), but I have been so quiet largely because I haven't been gaming very much as of late.

Since playtesting D&Dnext in Hawaii, I don't have a game I am running so my headspace has been a little occupied elsewhere (aka my job and my wife), which has been great for me, but lousy for my blogging.

I did finish out the latest round of FTDM earning another win and establishing myself as the PBP player with the most games under my belt (just don't look at my win ratio). I also started up as a player in a G+ Hangout of the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Game run by StephenChast, which was crazy fun (see me tear the leg off a Sentinel to ill effect, or at least describe doing just that).

For the longest while I have also been considering what to do with my online name and identity. The Extended Rest is pretty secularly cached in 4E and while 4E was good to me in my 3 year long campaign, I'm ready to try some new systems and so my ID didn't seem to make as much sense. I also wanted to have a space that was more open ended as it came to integrating how my faith interacts with my game. I am almost done with my seminary studies and will be looking to take on a job as a pastor at a church in another year and a half and what I am learning is giving me lots of  ideas and things to think about as it relates to my RPG experience  and the game I want to play.

So it is time for a change.

The last ExtendedRest is a long one, the rest of death, but from the dust and to the dry bones comes a voice that rushes with the wind and with the cry of RAISE DEAD, I carry on!

Monday, June 4, 2012

D&Dnext in Maui

While you are reading this, I am on vacation in Hawaii. And I took the D&D playtest with me.

That's right, I'm playing D&D in Hawaii. Who knew the Caves of Chaos were in a Hawaiian volcano? I know I didn't see that coming. :)

So between vacation and the influx of new stuff that comes with the playtest, I'm going to be quiet on here for a bit. I haven't given up, just refocusing. So bear with me and be ready for some new directions when I get back.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Knights of the Tarnished Dagger: Part 7

The Knights of the Tarnished Dagger are an organization of NPC creatures with a strong vendetta and desire to destroy the Platinum Dragon god. They are a cadre of demon-like beings who seek mortal hosts and through the offer of power would slowly coax them under their control eventually subsuming their host's personality completely.

Click here for the pdf of the final two members of the Knights of the Tarnished Dagger. Ak'dur, Ritualscribed  Warrior is a creature now made of raw magic who grants his host access to an array of magical abilities that far outstrip the mere parlor tricks of his fellow Knights. This also includes the only member of the Order who was not corrupted by the shard of evil, Xergel, Uncorrupted Radiance. Xergel was once the leader of the Knights of the Platinum Dagger and when the shard of evil struck them all, he was trapped in his blade, like his friends, but was otherwise unaffected. He blames himself for what happened to his allies and to this day seeks their final redemption as penance for his sins.

The compilation document of the Knights depicted at this time is kept here on a separate page. This project is the fruit of well over a year of thinking and dreaming about what I could do with 4th Edition and now in the twilight of 4E, I'm glad I was finally able to put this out there. I hope that it has inspired you, or at least entertained you for a bit, it has been a blast to write and is going to hold a special place in a campaign coming soon.