Who's Writing This Anyway?

Joe (Extended Rest):
Current Games
Fourthcore Team Deathmatch (Participant), Lost Crown of Tesh-Naga PbP (Player), D&D4E Astra Campaign (Player, game run by Humorous Endeavors)
How I got into RPGs
Back in college, I had a roommate who invited me to go with him to a one shot of Dungeons & Dragons (back in 3.5 days). I went and thought it was pretty cool so when he asked me to play in a once a month game of BESM I gave it a try. I absolutely loved it, but we just weren't able to keep the campaign rolling. Basically, I ended up taking a hiatus from tabletop RPGs. I messed around with a few RPGs in the video game world after that, but it wasn't until about three years ago that I got bit by the 4th Edition bug of D&D. I've been running games ever since then and after 2.5 years of running through the Scales of War Adventure Path, successfully brought my players from level 1 to level 30 completing a full game of Dungeons and Dragons. It might not have been advanced, but they won it. I played as a Shifter Avenger named Tor in Devan(ScottyFarspell)'s homebrew campaign that broke up around level 7 and until his untimely demise was playing an Eladrin Wizard (Bladesinger) named Dris in a homebrew campaign run by David (Humorous Endeavors). I know play a Dwarven Berserker (barbarian) named Kirin Ambershard in that same homebrew campaign (set 200 years in the future).
Why I'm Writing
Sometimes there is just something that you want to share with other people and so I wanted to create a forum to share the ideas and attempts at fun that were going on at my game table. I have no illusion that I'm an expert at running games, but I'm learning by trying.  So I thought I would share what was working, what wasn't and everything in between. You can expect to hear some house rule ideas, actual play reports, funky little twists, maybe even a monster design or two, and some story things I'm tweaking to try and make my game more fun.
David (Humorous Endeavors):
Current Games:
Weekly Grind 4E (Player), Home Game coming soon (DM)
How I got into RPGs:
I’ve been playing pretend my entire life, but I didn’t realize what I was getting into until my nerdy cousin Mike introduced me to Roleplaying at the age of 10. When I was younger, all my cousins and my brothers and I would go up to our family cabin, every month or so. The cabin stands on the edge of 20 acres of rolling hills and pine trees, a perfect place to hike and venture. Mike (the oldest cousin) was and still is a hardcore gamer, he created a game called NOMEKOP which is a simple Live Action Role Playing Game that we could all play and enjoy as a family in our own privet enchanted wilderness. From then on I became fascinated with all kinds of role-play, from video games to table top RPG’s. I even did a little acting with some local theater companies to fuel my new passion, but no game was quite as addicting as Dungeons and Dragons. I started playing D&D 3.5 in 2004 with my brothers. I usually played as the Dungeon Master because I was the oldest. When 4th edition premiered I was invited to join Mike’s home game. It was amazing and ever since then I’ve been playing and DMing on and off. Now I’m playing in the Weekly Grind with Joe, Devan and a few of our friends and soon I will be starting my own home game with Devan. I’ll be sure to keep updating the blog with everything that’s going on.
Why I'm Writing:
I just want to share my experiences with my fellow D&D enthusiasts.
Devan (Scotty Farspell):
Current Games:
D&D4E Scales of War Campaign (Player), WeeklyGrind 4E (Player)
How I got into RPGs:
When I was in the 7th grade a friend introduced me to Warhammer 40K. I got started playing as Tau and Necrons (before they got nerfed) but I was never really able to "get into" the game. I've never liked RTS games but it was fun making and painting the miniatures and all of my friends played so I just kinda sucked it up and went along with it. It wasn't until that fateful afternoon one hot summer day when I was at my friend Scott's house with several of my other friends and we were all playing a massive game of W40K on hi pool table when his brother walked in. We were all in 8th grade at the time and about to be freshmen in the fall, so when's Scotts brother, a senior, came in we all wanted to hang out and talk with him. While he patronized us for a while the subject of role playing came up and he asked us if we wanted to try out a game called Dungeons and Dragons. some of the others were so-so on the idea but it only took a few minutes for Scott's brother to win us over. He left the room and when he reappeared he had a cardboard box full of books. He took out the thickest one in the box labeled "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons; Dungeon Master's Guide" and tossed it too me. He told me that this was the rule book and at that all of my friends gave up. No way were they going to play a game where the rule book had actual chapters. So there I sat, flipping through page after page while my friends finished their game. Throughout the rest of that summer I only managed to get all of those guys together to play a few times. Each time was fun but I had to help make their characters and basically do everything myself. But with freshmen year in high school came new friends and new opportunities to play. Now I began school as a freshmen in 2003 so 3.5 had just come out and I met several guys who were just chomping at the bit to cut their teeth on the new system. So every day at lunch we would meet and play. Oh did we play. We played the same game, every single day for 3 years. From my freshmen year until the end of my junior year in high school we threw our D20's into the ring every day. On the weekends we would meet at each others houses and play. On more than one occasion we pulled all nighters and once we even played for 18 hours straight (sorry about that one kidney). Oh the Mountain Dew that we did drink and the Doritos that we did devour. We would all take turns DMing, sometimes switching off after a month or so or after a character would die, but come senior year and different endeavors found us separated at lunch time. We only played a handful of times that year, the last time we played was just before christmas. Girlfriends and sports made it difficult to play and soon our game just fell by the wayside. I can still remember our last game we played. Not what we did but they look on my friends faces. It seemed we all knew it was coming, some players had lost interest, other just didn't have the time. College would soon find most of us states apart. But that last time we sat there and played it was glorious. I don't think our characters even did much, we had them sit in a bar and recount stories past. Damsels saved, treasure hoarded. We all sat there, in character, and poured over our most treasured moments from the past 4 years. But when that bell rang for lunch time to end we all gather up our dice and vacated the science room where we played and never looked back. It was a magnificent end to a wonderful game. And for some, an end to a wonderful friendship. Several of those guys I have not seen since that game, but I still think about our adventures often. It wasn't for another 2 years that I picked up an icosahedron. My girlfriends brother in law (His name is Joe and he runs this blog) actually got my girlfriend and her family into the game by DMing a weekly game that they play every friday and that is still going on. When they started I was about to leave to study aboard in London for a semester but when I got back Joe asked me if I would want to play. Um... heck yeah?! So I picked up Kyve my Dragonborn hybrid cleric fighter and the D20's have been rolling ever since. The game is about 2 years in (I've been playing for about half of that) and I have to say to say I've never been happier.
Why I'm Writing:
Joe asked me to.