Saturday, March 24, 2012

Knights of the Tarnished Dagger: Part 3

So I've already put up two posts relating to the Knights of the Tarnished Dagger, an organization of NPC creatures with a strong vendetta and a desire to destroy the Platinum Dragon god. A cadre of demon-like beings who seek mortal hosts and through the offer of power would slowly coax them under their control eventually subsuming their host's personality completely. The compliation document is kept here on a separate page.

Click here for a pdf of the next two members of the Knights of the Tarnished Dagger: Septimus, A Man of Many Forms and the fiery sorceress Ilaren, Wreathed in Flame. Septimus is a conniving shape-changing creature who has lost his humanoid nature and given into the ebb and flow of his new life and Ilaren is a fiery-tempered mage who not only casts flames, but embodies the fire herself.

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