Monday, April 23, 2012

Step By Step We Travel So Far...

I really cannot believe how far we have come. It has been close to three years that my party and I have spent going through the Scales of War adventure path and now that it has come to a close I really don’t know what to say. No words I can form together seem potent enough to describe how I feel. Elation, sadness, excitement, and despair are tangling themselves together fighting for the foremost thoughts in my brain. I cannot believe we did it. I cannot believe we survived. It was without doubt the hardest and most stressful session I have played to date and I will never forget that evening. I would just like to reflect on how far we have come. Not only as players, but as a gamers as well and how far D&D has come and where it is going.

First a little on my character, I played Kyve the Dragonborn Cleric/Fighter Hybrid who in the final stretch of the campaign sacrificed himself at the bridge of worlds to raise Bahamut from the dead. Bahamut and Moradin then remade Kyve anew as Kydane the Runepriest. Now, anyone and everyone who has that one character that defines them will know what I mean when I say it was hard to say goodbye. You have this character that has not really become you so much as you have become them. That characters thoughts and emotions have become second nature now to your own. They are no longer just a character sheet, but a well rounded entity with flaws and strengths. I feel that through my years of playing D&D I have never found that one character that fit me like a Lego brick until Kyve. I will miss him sorely and will jump at any chance to play him in the future. And lastly a thank you so large it bursts through my heart to Joe for his gracious and undying love to the gaming community that he sacrificed so much time and effort to put together the best damn game of D&D I have ever had the good grace to play. I bet your wife is happy to have her husband back.

Heroic, Paragon, and Epic. Don’t even get me started, past Heroic Tier 4e is a broken game. The only way you will ever be able to play a good succinct game of D&D from 1st to 30th level will be if you tweak the crap out of it. The math and mechanics by Epic Tier are broken beyond measure. Having never DM'd a game through Epic though I have little insight into how to fix this problem. For those questions refer to Joe, he is the master at tweaking 4e so as to get the most out of the game. He is the reason that our party could not wait for Friday nights week after week.

With the announcement of D&D Next on it’s way and 4e still pumping out material this is a time in gaming where it is very easy to feel on odd footing. Do we continue to play 4e? should we just wait it out for next? What is going to happen to to the girth of material and supplies for 4e? So many thoughts race through my head about the next game I want to play, what themes I want to explore, characters I would like to play, and settings I would like to try out. However with Next just around the corner I feel a little defeated, as if I should just wait to see what happens when it comes out and then decide what version to play. People familiar with this blog will know how I feel about 4e and will be aware that I truly do love the iteration however I am excited to see what Wizards of the Coast does next. But still, what do we do now? Where do we go from here? Two words…

Mouse Guard!

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