Monday, May 14, 2012

Knights of the Tarnished Dagger: Part 6

The Knights of the Tarnished Dagger are an organization of NPC creatures with a strong vendetta and desire to destroy the Platinum Dragon god. They are a cadre of demon-like beings who seek mortal hosts and through the offer of power would slowly coax them under their control eventually subsuming their host's personality completely.

Click here for a pdf of the next two members of the Knights of the Tarnished Dagger: Shiel, Psionic Ghost and Taelt, Sealed in Stone. These two are a powerful dichotomy of stuck between the spiritual and physical. Shiel was a psionic prodigy in life and as a Knight warped by the shard of evil is now a psychic ghost stuck in astral form while Taelt is one stuck with a physical curse. He was a fierce warrior half-petrified by a medusa who now can pass his curse of stone on to others. With the two of these warriors you can grant your players powers that pull them away from their normal physicality and maybe make them question the nature of their being.

With these two members of the Order, only two remain. The compilation document of the Knights depicted at this time is kept here on a separate page.

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