Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dilemma at Fallcrest

So HumorousEndeavors and I were sort of bored the other night and our friend Josh had just gotten off work so we called up a few other people to come on over and run through a little one shot adventure. This is one of the very first modules I ever ran, it's an AD&D adventure that I had saved tucked away in some books in my room. I dusted it off and made a few changes so it would run well in a 4e setting. Please enjoy.

*I know the sounds isn't that amazing, we were simply using a computers mic and Mavoy the slayer sitting at the other end of the table can be hard to hear at times as well as the other people but if you simply crank the volume up a bit you shouldn't have too many issues.

Scott Farspell out.

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