Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gold, Frankincense and Murder Episode 2

Here is the second half of my home game’s first session (download here). Sadly about 30 minutes of gameplay between Parts 1 and 2 were lost during post production due to failed knowledge rolls made by one of this blog’s contributors (*cough* HumorousEndeavors!!! *cough*).

Here is what happened…
In the last podcast, the party found the goblin lair and was about to enter the dungeon. Nymphadora stealthily cracked open the door to the dungeon but she was spotted by a surprised goblin who was stand directly on the other side if the door. The players rushed into the room like Tusken Raiders, while shooting and stabbing at the goblin. Another goblin at the other end of the room was tending to the black rider’s horse, which was tied to a pool of water on the floor of the dungeon. The second goblin dashed for the door of a small chamber and released a foul guard drake which lunged into the combat and attacked Javeck. Then a goblin hex hurler decided to show its ugly face. This episode starts in the middle of that combat. The first goblin lies torn to pieces on the floor, the drake is in the middle of the party gnashing his teeth, and the goblin hex hurler just placed a dangerous and powerful hex on Nymphadora which causes her to hesitate for a second.

Player Credits:
Scott Farspell (human wizard)– Devan Blair
Rikkus Raincloud (mule warpriest) – Ryan Harral
Nymphadora (elf rogue) – Sarah Jones
Javeck Gloomhollow (half-elf bard) - Joshua Kaplowitz

Special thanks to:

Zack, Ben, Rail, Joe, Dana, and Ryle

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant. Play hard or play safe but at all costs never stop playing.

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